Frequently Asked Questions


What happens if the weather is poor on when I have a booking?

Sometimes being in Great Britain, the weather can cause an issue for many including and especially those who work outdoors. How do we deal with this problem?

Everyday we make sure we are fully updated as to the weather forecast and make note of any possible changes that may occur. If the weather does seem like it’s going to be bad (mostly continued medium to heavy rain) then we will consider rebooking the appointment for a better time or day. Before rebooking we will consider if we could work around it, if not we will always communicate with the customer to see how they feel and whether they still would like the job to be completed. Unfortunately when working in poor weather conditions it must be understood that the highest standard might not be possible, therefore a customer may wish to rebook.

What do we need?

The only thing we need from our customers when fulfilling a service is access to an electrical outlet/plug socket. This due to the fact that we don’t use a mobile generator but rather a much simpler 50 metre (BSI Standard) industrial extension cable. We do carry our own water tank and do not require a water supply unless 4 or more cars are booked at the same location and time.

More questions soon to be added…

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