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Welcome to Auto Valets, we are a mobile car valeting/detailing company operating throughout Liverpool, Ormskirk, Widnes, and surrounding areas. You can find available bookings using our Online Booking Page and check out our latest work on our Instagram Page.

We specialize in detailing and maintaining luxury, performance and classic cars. We provide high-level services that can be used to maintain, restore and protect your vehicle. Because of our size, we can get to know each car and customer, and give them the highest level service available. Our loyal customers are the reason we continue to grow and we’re the reason they’ve always got the cleanest car in the street! Auto detailing is about getting all those small details right, resulting in a massive end difference. And it’s well known, a clean car drives better!   

The methods we use are safe and are designed to keep your car clean and maintained in the long term. If you would like to get more info feel free to give us a call on 07758602775.

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