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Important: Removal of Surface Dirt & Grit.

In the car valeting industry, wash swirls are the leading cause of your cars paintwork damage, appearing dull and losing gloss.  Typically, these are caused by larger particles of dirt and grit becoming caught in a wash mitt or sponge and being dragged across the paintwork.

The safest option is to remove these particles from the vehicle prior to a wash mitt coming into contact with the paintwork. Our detailing method solves that problem.

With a combination of TFR (traffic film remover) and our Snow Foam Treatment that acts as a high-foaming pre-cleaner with a thick lather that we leave for approximately 15 minutes as it clings to the cars paintwork and lifts contamination, allowing it to be easily power rinsed away BEFORE we wash your vehicle.

Its only after these first two rinses (known as the pre-wash) can we guarantee a swirl free valet as we only now do we wash your vehicle with an Auto Glym, Shampoo Conditioner. After this third and final rinse using our PH Water no streaks are left, just the shine of your well protected cars paintwork, and a fresh interior of course..

Our mini valets (inside & out) start from only  £20.00 and for added paint protection and an even deeper gloss finish why not add our Auto Smart, Mirror Image, Wax/Polish, applied for only £20.00 thus achieving a detailing finish that is simply stunning every-time as your cars paintwork has added protection from the elements of grit, grime and industrial fallout.

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About Us

AUTOVALETS are a mobile car valeting company based in LIVERPOOL that offers a Professional Auto Detailing service in FIVE SIMPLE STEPS, that will protect your cars paintwork and GUARANTEE a SWIRL FREE valet, all at AFFORDABLE prices. With us, you will always get two experienced operators using the industries best-detailing products and no abrasive tools.

Our paint protection & interior valet service is based on a regular monthly client.  This service is best suited to car owners who want their investment regularly protected with proper car care. Our two operators will spend from 40 – 90 minutes detailing your car, depending on car size and condition. We think it’s very good value for money and a wise choice to use AUTOVALETS to protect your investment. we are also in association with 


Valeting Prices;

(Inside & Out)

Small Car £20.00

Medium Car £25.00

Large Car £30.00

The Special £99.00 (View)

Includes all materials



You are paying AUTOVALETS for a guaranteed SWIRL FREE valet, based on a regular monthly service to your HOME! or WORKPLACE!


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