Car Waxing & Conditioning

Often referred to as STEP THREE in the car valeting process, when all the grit and grime has been removed and your car is now ready for a liquid wax and conditioner to be applied. This process does not strip the paintwork of any previous wax or sealants and will assist the protection of your cars paintwork as it builds up layers of polymers over time. Its this valeting process that enables AUTOVALETS to offer a Swirl Free Valet every time. The end result is known as STEP FOUR, the beading and sheeting effect.

Price; from £20.00 and includes all FOUR STEPS of exterior valet and includes the interior valet, plus all materials.


For us to achieve great beading and sheeting qualities on your car, we offer a FREE wax service for regular clients, first, as a thank you for their loyal custom and secondly, it helps us overtime to achieve excellent beading qualities on your car that will protect the paint. It also makes our job of detailing easier and helps us get better results. You have to bear in mind a new clients car may have very poor or no beading qualities at all.

For that reason, its with new clients we first and foremost encourage, they first have a  quality wax applied to their car, then become a monthly regular and allow us to maintain the beading with our FREE cvar waxing service. So its a win win situation for regular clients, they save £££;s and their car looks great and for us our good reputation is maintained. 

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