Traffic Film Remover

Often referred to as STEP ONE in the valet process of removing the grit from your vehicle without actually touching the cars paintwork. Traffic film remover or (TFR)  for short, when applied will enable us to remove at least 70%-80% of your cars grit and debris. After the TFR is applied it is left as intended for approx 5 minutes after which we power rinse, removing the grit that then prepares the car for STEP TWO, the snow-foam treatment.

Price; from £20.00 and includes all FOUR STEPS of exterior valet and includes the interior valet, plus all materials. 

Important;  AUTOVALETS TFR does not mark or stain plastics, vinyl, chrome or rubber.  We leave the TFR on for up to 5 minutes as intended and we do not use mitts, sponges or brushes with the TFR as it would defeat the object and cause swirls and scratches.

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