Standard/Maintenance Valet

Written by Jordan Lunt

(Owner and Detailing Nerd)

As you have probably guessed, this page is all about the Standard/Maintenance Valet. This is definitely the service we carry out the most, and definitely the service I’ve personally had to rack my brain about the most.

It is important to note that even though this service may be less complex and time consuming as some of our other services, it has proved to be a tricky one to get right. Protecting your vehicles paintwork and offering a comprehensive clean is a high priority for us and is at the basis of all we do. Protecting your paintwork, completing an individual wheel cleaning stage, cleaning all aspects of the car and the other things we do all take more time, product and come with a higher cost. I had the option to provide a cheaper, quicker and easier £20 Valet like most others. However, in order to please myself I had to provide all the things that I knew were important and that would be sorely missed. There are many places you can go and they will clean your car from as little as £6, and for a lot of people the service they offer is good enough for them. However, for those who really car about their vehicles and those who want to look after their valuable investment then this is for you.

Service Overview

This service will give you a lot more than any other “Mini Valet” and also massive value for money.

Your vehicle will receive the full Snow Foam Pre-wash treatment from our Ultimate Detail so that your paintwork will be at the minimum risk of swirls or scratches caused by improper cleaning. Your interior will definitely be a nicer place to be.

Image to the right shows an example of this service. For the full list breakdown of this service see below. Thank you.

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