Snow Foam Treatment

Snow-foaming, often known as STEP TWO in the removal process of grit and debris from your car. The snow-foam stage of a car wash is one of the most important. It’s the stage which rids your vehicle of any “additional” left over loose grit and dirt after STEP ONE, the first rinse, that otherwise might cause scratches and swirl marks. Treating your car with snow foam BEFORE any contact wash, allows us to achieve a swirl free valet and a better looking detail on your cars paintwork.

Our thick snow foam is applied, pushing the flow of water through a mix of shampoo-based products. Its important that we leave the snow-foam for 10-15 minutes and as it clings to your car as intended, the cleaning agents will agitate the grit to the surface and help to dissolve and rid the vehicle of more dirt and grime.

Once the snow-foam has done its job it is power rinsed, leaving a grit free paint surface that is now ready for STEP THREE, the wash stage, allowing much of the cleaning work to be done before having any real contact with the paint. The wash itself is a wax conditioner, which assists the beading and sheeting affect and does not strip off any previous wax that has been applied.

Price; from £20.00 and includes all FOUR STEPS of exterior valet and includes the interior valet, plus all materials. 

Important; You must leave the snow-foam on for 10-15 minutes and you must not use mitts or sponges with the snow-foam as it would defeat the object and will cause swirls and scratches.

Snow-Foam Features & Benefits:

  • High-foaming cleaner for pre-washing dirty vehicles
  • Helps protect paintwork from wash-induced swirls & scratches
  • Thick foam lifts dirt & grit away from car’s surfaces
  • pH-neutral formulation – safe for wax & sealant protection
  • Suitable for use with foam lance & pressure washer or foam gun & hose
  • Can be used instead of shampoo stage for lightly soiled vehicles
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