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Welcome to our valeting services page!

By scrolling down you can find out about the mobile services we offer and their prices. Here we have our services as packages and further below we have extras and standalone services. We want you to understand what your getting so if your not sure what you need feel free to call us on 07756802775. We can get you booked in over the phone if that’s preferable to booking online.

See bottom of page for Notes on Heavily Soiled Vehicles.


Standard Valet - From £40

The Standard Valet gives your car the necessities. This is a thorough interior and exterior clean that will go a long way. For a lot of people, this service will be all they ever need for their car.

The focus here is on cleaning that is effective and safe for your whole car, all in one nice little package.

Maintenance Detail - From £60

This is the most important service we offer. The Maintenance Detail is our flagship and most popular service. This is the best way to keep your car maintained and looking good. That last 5% of dirt always takes the longest to clean, whether it’s wheel arches, air vents or steering wheels. This service gives us more time than our basic package to really get into the finer details.

Your paintwork, wheels, glass, leather, and other materials all need to be maintained to avoid deterioration just like any other aspect of your vehicle. There is a large range of products that we use to protect your car from swirls and scratches, UV light, road tar, bird poo, chemicals, stains and more. In this service, your paint, leather, tyres and plastics will all receive protection.

In order to properly protect your car, we need to clean it. The maintenance detail gives a very thorough clean to the interior and exterior. Your car will look great! Regular maintenance won’t make your car invincible, but it is the best thing you can do to look after your precious ride.

In some cases, your car may need some initial work to get it up to a maintainable level. This may be the case if your car hasn’t been properly cleaned and maintained previously. Your car can then be maintained at that level from then on, easy peasy!

Full Valet - From £70

The sole aim of our Full Valet service is to get heavily soiled vehicles back to a much cleaner condition, interior and exterior, all in one affordable package. The family dog usually gets the blame for needing this one. If your vehicle has been neglected for a while and is in bad shape, the full valet will get that clean car back!

It may be tempting to go with the idea of saving some money and making do with a cheaper clean, however, the results will not be worthwhile and we don’t want to put time and effort into a service that we ourselves aren’t happy with. If it needs it, it needs it and you’ll be glad when you see the massive difference it will make. 

This service is not designed to focus on getting as close to a perfect finish as possible like our Care Packages, but it will get your car back up to a high level and show a night and day difference.

Interior Care Package - From £60

This package is the next level for interior cleaning. Heavily soiled interiors will benefit greatly. All aspects of your interior will be thoroughly cleaned and protection products will be applied to key areas such as leather, upholstery and plastics. All areas will be vacuumed, all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned. Seats and carpets will receive a full shampoo and leather will be cleaned and protected. This the best way to revive that neglected old interior.

Exterior Care Package - From £60

This service gives the exterior of your car a deep clean. After we complete a standard exterior wash, we remove contaminants such as tar, brake dust, adhesives and tree sap. These aren’t removed during a basic exterior wash and build up over time, dulling your paint, preventing polishing and reducing the effectiveness of wax and sealants. Depending on the need, we will remove the contaminants chemically and/or with the use of a clay bar.

Once we’ve managed to free the paintwork from contaminants, we can then apply a durable wax that will protect your car from all the aforementioned blights plus a few extra things like bird bombs and UV protection. You’ll also get a decent boost in gloss which is just the cherry on the cake. Regular maintenance details after a service like this will go a long way in keeping your car in superior condition. 

Complete Care Package - From £140

The Complete Care Package is a combination of the Interior & Exterior Care Packages and our Engine Bay Detail. Everything that we can do to improve your car will be done. Every part of your car will be thoroughly cleaned, all areas that require protection will receive it. This service includes all extras as standard, such as; seating shampoo, leather conditioning, chrome polishing and air con treatment as standard. Service time depends on each car but make sure you plan to not have the car for at least 6 hours.

We will make sure you understand the service you will receive and we understand the service you want. We sometimes perform this service for customers who want to increase the selling price of their vehicle. If you take the care of your vehicle seriously and want to start getting it properly detailed, then this is a great first step.

Stand Alone Services and Extras 

Standard Exterior Wash - From £20
Standard Interior Clean - From £20
Engine Bay Detail - From £40
Full Seating Shampoo - From £25
Full Leather Cleaning and Conditioning - From £25
Air Condition Bomb/Odour Bomb - From £20

This is a one-shot Aerosol treatment that will help remove unwanted odours while killing their source. For general interior use and targeted air con use.

Paint Protection Sealant - From £20

Do you want to protect your paintwork from UV light, acid rain, swirls, scratches and all manner of dirt and nasties? If so, getting your car protected with a modern paint sealant is key.

In the olden days, the best option for paint protection was the good old fashioned carnauba paste wax. A good paste wax applied by hand still has its benefits, which is why we still offer it to our customers. However, if your looking for more durability and longevity, then a modern sealant is the way to go.

Add this when you book one of our packages and we’ll get your car coated in the same service. Note, our maintenance detail, exterior care package and full care package, all come with this service already included.

Water Repellent Coating for Glass - From £20

Notes on Poor Condition/Heavily Soiled Vehicles

In this profession, we come across many vehicles, all in different conditions and all having varying levels of dirt and neglect. There are some vehicles we find in much worse condition than others. With vehicles of this nature, more time and effort must be invested in order to get the vehicle up to the required standard. All this basically means that vehicles that are Heavily Soiled require a higher cost and a more extensive service than other vehicles.

Don’t worry though, the chances are that your vehicle isn’t bad enough to reach Heavily Soiled Status. We recommend that you maintain the condition of your vehicle rather than leaving the condition to go from bad to worse over time. We offer to maintain our regular customers vehicles every 4-6 weeks but even light maintenance yourself will go a long way in keeping it clean (and saving yourself time and money).

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