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By scrolling down you can find out about the mobile services we offer and their prices. Here we have our services as packages and further below we have Extras and standalone services. We want you to understand what your getting so if your not sure what you need feel free to call us on 07756802775. We can get you booked in over the phone if that’s preferable to booking online.

See bottom of page for Notes on Heavily Soiled Vehicles.

Packaged Services
Below is a list of the services we offer as a package. To find the Extras and Standalone services please scroll down further.

Standard Valet
From £30

This service is aimed at vehicles that just need a good tidy up, inside and out, but don’t need as much as a detail or full valet. In this service, you will still benefit from all our safe cleaning methods and our keen attention to detail. If you would like to use this service regularly it might be appropriate to get a Full Valet first depending on the condition of your vehicle.

Standard/Maintenance Detail
From £50

Our flagship service. It is our most popular package and is designed to be a regular service. For anyone who wants to maintain the condition of their vehicle in the long term. Your vehicles entire exterior will receive a Ceramic Wax which we will continually replenish. The entire exterior will be protected all the time and all other areas maintained, thoroughly and safely. Feel free to call us on 07758602775 for more information.

Full Valet (For Heavily Soiled Vehicles)
From £60

The sole aim of our Full Valet service is to get heavily soiled vehicles back to a much cleaner condition. Vehicles that are covered in moss, bugs, increased dirt and/or require excessive vacuuming and time consuming interior cleaning will benefit. Often times people will say “I’ve never seen it so clean!”.

Full Interior Detail
From £80

This package will clean all aspects of your interior and apply protection products to key areas such as leather, upholstery and plastics. All areas will be vacuumed, all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned. Seats will receive a full shampoo and leather will be cleaned, conditioned and protected. This the best way to revive that neglected old interior.

Full Exterior Detail
From £80

Here we take care of two very important things, Decontamination and Surface Protection. Over time your vehicle is exposed to things such as: brake dust, tar, industrial fallout, tree sap and other nasty stuff. They all build up on your vehicle, making it look dirty and dull. In this service, we clean every exterior surface safely, remove close to 100% of these contaminants and then protect your car from further contamination in the future with products such as ceramic wax or hard paste wax.

Full Detail
From £140

The Full Detail is a combination of the Full Interior and Full Exterior. The two descriptions to the left outline what’s involved in both aspects of this package. However, we really recommend that you give us a call if you have any questions or want to know more. Once your service is booked we will make sure you understand what you are getting, weather considerations, possible reschedule dates and we also take the opportunity to get to know any specifics we need to be aware of as well as. 

Custom Detail

Every vehicle, situation, budget and goal is different. There should be no worries if you can’t find a package that fits your exact needs. Therefore, if this is the case then please feel free to let us know what you’re looking for and we would be happy to offer you a service that fits your needs. Contact Number – 07756802775

Add On and Stand Alone Services

These will be listed as “Extras” on our booking form. 

Full Leather Clean and Condition
From £20

Full Seating Shampoo
From £25

Windscreen Polish & Hydrophobic Coating
From £15

Exterior Heavy Tar Removal
From £60

Notes on Poor Condition/Heavily Soiled Vehicles

In this profession, we come across many vehicles all in different conditions and all having varying levels of dirt and neglect. There are some vehicles we find in much worse condition than others. With vehicles of this nature, more time must be invested along with the use of more product/chemicals in order to get the vehicle up to the required standard. All this basically means that vehicles that are Heavily Soiled require a higher cost and a more extensive service than other vehicles to reach the proper standard.

Don’t worry though, the chances are that your vehicle isn’t bad enough to reach Heavily Soiled Status. This is why we recommend that you maintain the condition of your vehicle rather than leaving the condition to go from bad to worse over time. We offer to maintain our regular customers vehicles every 4-6 weeks but even light maintenance yourself will go a long way in keeping it clean (and saving yourself time and money).

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