pre-wash valeting

The Pre-Wash is what separates us from the rest.


The Pre-Wash, probably the most important page on our website, well worth a read!

Step One: TFR

We apply one of the auto detailing industries best product/s called (TFR) or traffic film remover. We leave the tfr on the car for 2-3 minutes as required and then power rinse off from the top down, removing up to 70%/80% of the grit & debris from the vehicle.

Step Two: Snow-Foam Treatment

We now apply Snowfoam and leave for 10/15 minutes to agitate the remaining 20%/30% leftover grit. We NEVER use mitts or sponges at this stage because as the foam settles it also agitates and traps the grit in the foam. We then power rinse this off.

Now your car is ready to wash!

 Now your car is ready to wash!

Step Two: Shampoo Conditioner

Now we wash the car with a non-abrasive mitt with a, Bodywork Shampoo Conditioner that is hard working yet gentle. Its a pH neutral shampoo that leaves no streaks and is low foam and deep cleaning, achieving a water repellent finish for easy rinsing and ongoing protection. It will not strip any previous old wax or sealants your car has.

In conclusion

We are sure that you can be confident AUTO VALETS takes car valeting seriously. Our aim is to protect your cars paintwork and NOT cover it with swirlmarks as so many others do.


If your car is Not professionally Pre-Washed using the industries best detailing products, it simply means your paintwork will get swirl marks and devalue your vehicle.

and Remember, you will always get more with Auto Valets and we “GUARANTEE” NOT to introduce swirls when valeting your car..

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Book an appointment with Auto Valets using SetMore
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