Message for new clients and one offs

… we very much appreciate your custom, but please note, with two valeting operators we allow 30-40 minutes per mini valet. Any more time spent will simply be because of the vehicles poor condition. Our aim is to please you the client by achieving a high standard of auto detailing and thus keeping our reputation in tact

This cannot be achieved as a one off or first time valet and more time would be required to bring your vehicle up to the standard of our regulars.

In our experience it takes 2 -3 valets to achieve the high standard of detailing AUTOVALETS aim for, at which point we will include a FREE Wax/Polish each month to maintain that high standard of paint protection for our regulars.

The above will only apply if your vehicle has the following

  • months of baked-on brake dust on your alloys/wheel trims
  • deep scuffs ingrained in the plastics and vinyls
  • you have a build of litter scattered throughout the vehicle
  • Your paintwork has not been protected and lacks shine and is dull
  • Your vehicle has moss throughout the exterior and interior of the car
  • the dashboard, its airs vents have months of built up dust
    the gear stick area and consoles have months of built up dust

As you can see from these few items mentioned above we could spend endless hours putting right your car, but we are not a car restoration service. We can achieve a high standard of auto detailing but that would be for regulars only. Time and again, we take a new clients car and get it to a stage were it is easy to care for and a pleasure to valet and at the FREE Wax and Polish stage, its now up to standard and we get superb results.

So, please understand, we appreciate your custom, but our valeting service is all about a regular monthly valet service.

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