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Car Tar Removal caused by Overspray:

Auto Valets can remove tar on cars that has resulted from overspray. Usually this is as a result of road building companies having to cope with the weather, especially when it gets windy and is sprayed onto your vehicle. We are very careful with our approach to this issue and use only the industries best products and no abrasive tools. We take time to meet the client and give a 15 minute demonstration of the chemical application dissolving the tar, then we gently remove the tar and show that their is no damage to the vehicles paintwork. After this has been established and with the clients agreement, we continue the process of removing all the tar from their vehicle.

We first remove the grit from the vehicle with (TFR) then we apply snow-foam treatment and leave for approximately 15 minutes to agitate the remaining grit which gets trapped in the foam, we then power rinse off. After the pre-wash we can examine the tar overspray on the vehicle and remove it when no grit is on the vehicle. 

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